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    The reserve “Ropotamo” is famous with its beautiful water lilies. It is situated at the lowest stream of Ropotamo River. It was created in 1992 and it is at the distance of 12 km. south of Sozopol. When Ropotamo River infused into Black Sea, a firth with sea water formed. There are swamp places with ash-trees and water lilies. Here is located one of the most interesting rock formations in Bulgaria - the Lion's head.
    Except with this the "Ropotamo" reserve is famous with some smaller reserves:


  • natural park “Ropotamo”

  • the reserve "Snake Island" – situated next to the bay “Arkutino”. Its area is 12 dka and its height is 13 m. The island is grassy, craggy and waterless. The rock formations and the wide sand stripes with sand dune make the landscape more picturesque. There is an abundance of cactus, birds and snakes.

  • the reserve “Arkutino” – the ex reserve “Arkutino” is a marsh – lagoon, situated at about 2,5 km. to the northwest from the mouth of Ropotamo River. It is freshwater, but sometimes it becomes dry. The flora is typical hygrofitna – reed, rush, water lily.

  • the reserve ‘Morski pelin” – the plant “morski pelin” is preserved in this ex reserve.

    Nowadays the reserve occupies a territory of 1001 ha. Here the nature has combined a high broad – leaved trees with low bush plants, liana plants, different species of animals and birds. The main purpose of this reserve is to preserve the white water lily, some animal species, some rarely water plants, birds etc.

    When you visit the “Ropotamo” reserve you can enjoy the great Bulgarian nature, and you can feel its clearness and virginity.  

  • In the Ropotamo reserve all kinds of human activities are forbidden. Let us keep it for our children!